The apartment is sunny, very spacious, very quiet, and fully renovated. It has seven rooms in all, a private back porch, a shared brick patio in the yard with patio furniture, a basement, and two parking spots – one in a garage, and the other in the rear part of the driveway. Both the garage spot and driveway spot aren’t blocked by anyone – you can get in and out of them whenever you want.

The house is available starting any time between Sept. 15th and Sept. 20, 2014, and going until June 15th, 2015. We can pro-rate September based on what you use. I want only one tenant for the period. I’m not interested in having one renter, and switching to another part-way through the period.

I run a nonprofit organization, and I stay here between mid-June and late September because most of our donors are in New England and I need to be in the region three months a year to have meetings with them.

The price is $3,050 a month. I cover snow removal, landscaping, and monthly cleaning, and you cover utilities. Since snow removal and cleaning come to about $150 a month for me, you’re in essence getting the place for $2,900. I might be willing to go down $50 or $75 on the rent. You don’t have to pay a realtor’s broker fee to get the apartment.

If you check with other places, only a tiny percentage of them cover snow removal and none cover cleaning. You’d have to spend the time to locate snow plowers, get quotes from them, set up an agreement and oversee them, so besides saving the money, you’re saving probably three hours of time finding and managing a person. Also, with a monthly cleaning, you likely don’t need to go to the effort of finding a cleaner.  If you need cleaning twice a month, you can probably hire the person I use to come again.

The house is located on a quiet side road with a lot of trees in a nice neighborhood on a hill. A one minute walk to the top of the hill gives you a nice view of the Boston skyline, which you’ll also see when you drive down the road.

The house is in great condition and fully furnished. Almost all the furniture is new, including a new 52 inch HD TV with dual DVR, DVD, VCR and a surround sound system. Both bedroom sets are brand new, as is the dining room set, the couch, ottoman, recliner and area rugs. The whole house has beautiful hardwood floors except the bathroom, which is tile.

There is nice artwork on all the walls. Every room has fresh paint and refinished wood floors. The apartment has a new electrical system and new plumbing, and everything in the beautiful kitchen is brand new, including lovely beadboard woodwork on the walls, new stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets, and granite counters.

Here are lots of photos of the place. You don’t need to view them all. I simply included more for those who want to view more. If it’s showing as a slideshow, just click a photo, and it will bring up a page where you can click on them one at a time:

The apartment is on the 2nd floor of a 2-family house so there is nobody above you, and you won’t have to listen to footsteps walking around above you. You also can’t here the people downstairs. There is no noise from TV or voices or radio. My neighbor downstairs is a professional woman who works at Harvard University.

I’m located less than one mile from the Charles River, and 5 minutes from four sizable parks (two on the Charles, one at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, and one at Fresh Pond) — and five smaller parks with things like playing fields, basketball and tennis courts, and playgrounds. No smoking or pets in the apartment, though there is a lovely covered back balcony where you can smoke.

In the kitchen, there is a new dishwasher, garbage disposal, water filter, automatic ice dispenser with crushed ice or cubes, gas stove, full oven, microwave and toaster oven. There are lots of pots and pans, a nice dish set, and lots of cooking utensils and eating flatware, and assorted odds and ends such as tupperware, a banana holder, oven mitts, strainers, and cutting knives. Pretty much everything you’d use in a kitchen.

There is a brand new high efficiency washer and dryer in the apartment, so you don’t have to walk up and down stairs to do your laundry. And you can leave your laundry there as long as you like with no one else touching it. Both are Energy Star approved so you save money. They have all the options and features you could need. They run quietly, and they’re free, not coin-operated.

The HVAC heating and cooling system is new, which will help you keep your bills low compared to older systems. The hot water heater is brand new. And the windows throughout the house are double-paned and new, which will also keep your energy bills lower. It’s central air so you don’t have to deal with buying window ACs, and putting them in and taking them out.

2 references are normally required. I can provide references if you want from people who have rented from me including a businessman from Genzyme, a Northeastern professor, a retired lawyer, and the headmaster of a private high school in Newton.

More details on the rooms and other features of the unit are below. You don’t have to read all the info in this listing. I like to be thorough and give plenty of info. If you have a question, please read the other sections below, which will answer most questions. If this write-up doesn’t answer anything, let me know it and I will answer it.


You can get my email and number by clicking the Contact button at the top of this page. The best times to reach me are usually between 11:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET. You’re also welcome to call at any hour, as I turn my ringer off when I sleep so there’s no risk of waking me up. Leave a message if I don’t pick up and I’ll call you back soon.


1) Huge living room with a picturesque wood beam going across it, a new Panasonic big screen Hi-def TV, a new DVD player with surround sound, VCR, and 5 CD-music player, with cassette deck and AM/FM radio with 12 preset stations with remote controls for all of the electronics. There are three sections to the living room. One area is the TV area, with a comfy couch, an easy chair, coffee table, end table, antique cabinet, stereo and an HD TV.

The second section is a sitting area with two over-sized cushioned chairs facing six windows that view the trees and sunset across the street. A great place to read a book, or talk on the phone, or just relax with a view of nature or the sunset for a while. The third area is the entrance area where there is decorative cabinet, a 3 foot by 10 foot section along the stairwell where you can put your shoes or other items, a lovely large plant and a sofa table where you can keep your keys or things you want to remember to take with you.

There are 11 windows in the living room — they have top-down/bottom up blinds. You can use them in either top-down mode (like normal blinds), or bottom up mode where you cover as much of the bottom parts of the window as you want for privacy, and you keep the top part open for sunlight. The big plus of these is you can keep them in privacy mode 24 hours a day, so you have total privacy and lots of sunlight. With normal blinds, as soon as you raise them some to let in the sun, you lose your privacy.

2) Lovely office with two windows, and a large wall window opening to the 3 windows on the front of the house. It has a desk, chair, large cabinet, small cabinet, antique carved oak book shelf, a sliding printer stand with shelves, a radio/CD player with cassette, three organizers, and two small tables for spreading papers or other stuff out on. The blinds are also top-down/bottom up blinds matching the blinds in the neighboring living room.

3) Kitchen: The fridge is a huge modern left/right fridge so you’re not bending down to get into it – the freezer is on the left, and fridge on the right. There is lots of cabinet space as well as a granite island with cabinet space. There is a cherry kitchen table with three cushioned chairs and a tune box with 12 pre-set FM stations, remote control and 5-CD player that also plays cassettes. See above for the other details of the kitchen, so I don’t repeat them here.

4) Dining room with a brand new dining room table with nice placemats, six new chairs, a matching side-cabinet, a built-in china cabinet and a side table. It has original decorative stained wood trim throughout.

5) Master bedroom with a king sized bed, a matching 5-drawer bureau, a matching long dresser with mirror and matching night stand. Closet has a dozen hooks for hanging clothes, and the back of the door has five double hooks for hanging clothes. Closet also has three wood shelves for storing clothing or other items on. Music player with radio and ipod/iphone dock and remote control.

6) Guest bedroom with a queen sized bed, a matching five-drawer bureau, a matching long dresser with mirror and matching night stand. The closet has a dozen hooks for hanging clothes, and a wood shelf for storing clothing or other items on.

7) Bathroom with a picturesque stained glass look to the window, strong water pressure in the shower, a medicine cabinet behind the mirror with three shelves, and a cabinet below the sink. The vent has buttons for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and On/Off so you can have it automatically shut off a while after you use the bathroom or shower. Vents cause you to lose hot air during the winter and cool air during the warm months, so the auto-shut-off saves you money. There are two towel racks on the wall as well as double hook on the door. There is an overhead light as well as lights on the vanity, so there’s plenty of light.


* The rear stairwell area has a wrap-around coat rack with 12 double-hooks — more than enough for all your jackets as well as winter hats, scarves and gloves. There are also two shelves above to store things on.

* There is a closet in the hallway with four shelves for all kinds of supplies, and area below them with a vacuum cleaner, swiffers and mops. Almost all cleaning and other supplies are here — you only need to replace whatever you finish. This will save you time, and mean you don’t have to buy lots of things that you only use a little bit.

* A monthly cleaning by a cleaning person is included in the price. You’ll need to either be here at a time the person can come to clean, or you can choose to give the person a key. That choice is up to you. I don’t give the cleaning person a key the three months I live here simply because I work from home, so I’m here regardless.

* The furnace has an AFUE rating of 95, which is close to as efficient as you can get — the most efficient possible rating is 96.6. The windows are new so they are tightly sealed, to keep the heat in during the winter and the cool in during the warm months. The attic is well-insulated so all in all you will spend  less here on heat than other places. It will just depend how warm you like it. You’re also on the second floor so you get some heat from the apartment below you.

The thermostat is digital and programmable to four different phases each day of the week, so you can program it to go off when you’re gone during the day and be back on before you are back. Or set it lower at night and come back on before you get up.

* The unit below is an owner-occupied condo with a professional woman who works at Harvard University and her well-behaved 11-year old son. They are quiet, and she is a helpful neighbor.

* If you are a professor or person who travels during the summer, you’re welcome to rent it on an annual basis, from mid-September to mid-June, and store some items here while you’re gone during the summer.

* The telephone has 12 features including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and six other features, and unlimited long-distance.

* Brand new wiring throughout the house with Internet and phone hook-ups in each bedroom. There is a cordless phone in every room. There is a remote garage door opener.

* It’s part-way up a hill and the sun rises at the back of the house on the kitchen, crosses the bedrooms and office and sets across the street with views of the sunset from the office, living room and dining room.

* There is a two-car garage and 1 spot is yours for free. When snow falls in Massachusetts, this can make a big difference because while others have to figure out where to put their car when the snow ploughs come, you can be getting extra sleep. When others are outside freezing cold shoveling the snow off their car, yours is sitting pretty in the garage and you’re drinking a cup of coffee inside. When everyone else is driving around after work trying to find a space and putting trash cans and chairs in the spot they spent an hour shoveling out to try to “reserve” it, you always have a guaranteed private parking space waiting for you. There is also a second parking spot on the back side of the house.

* You cover utilities (electric, gas, water and cable/Internet/telephone. I cover snow removal, landscaping and once a month cleaning service. The utilities are kept in my name so you don’t have to open then close accounts. I mail you copies of the bills and you reimburse me for them. It is fully furnished. All you will need are linens and towels.

This is one of the nicest places you will find in Watertown. I pay great attention to detail across the board.